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"Easy on the skin and easy on the planet"

If you have used our soaps before, you will appreciate the difference that quality ingredients make. If you haven't, there's a first time for everything. Instead of harsh and drying chemicals, our soaps are made with only natural oils and fragrances.

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Our Story

Nancy Cunningham, the brains behind our operation, began researching and creating skin-friendly soaps for her family. With the enthusiastic feedback she received, along with the realization that she loved making soap, Nancy branched out. She has been serving the London and Strathroy area since 2012.

Her photographer husband, Ross Cunningham (not pictured), takes photos of Nancy's work. Everything in our catalogue is courtesy of his photography.

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Frequent Buyer

I love the fragrance of the soaps, and I use the mango soap every day. It makes my skin feel so soft. I would highly recommend these soaps for anyone with dry skin.


Happy Customer

As a mom, I feel confident using this product on my kids because of the natural ingredients. It leaves their skin so soft too.


First Time Buyer

Cunningham Vintage soap is all natural. I have very sensitive skin and I found the first time I used this soap my skin noticed the difference. I now have relief from dry irritated skin. Thank you Cunningham Vintage Soapworks.


Seasonal Buyer

I have been using Cunningham Vintage Soapworks soap for quite some time now. I am really happy with the consistency, and how long it lasts. It doesn’t just dissolve in the shower when I leave it in there. I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t leave any residue on my skin and I know that I am not putting any toxic or harsh chemicals on my body. I feel safe letting my children use it. It really is a well-made product that I can confidently have in my home.

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Lead By Example

This is Nancy's (Our CEO) grandson and he uses his grandmother's soaps exclusively. The lack of harsh chemicals and natural scents prevent skin damage and help retain moisture. If you've got a skincare routine, you might want to add a Cunningham Vintage Soapworks soap to it now. Even the cool kids are doing that.